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Tara Heart

Tara Heart, and she is a superhero in the world of medicine. September 13, 1968 and 66 years old .She helps children with heart problems at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital. Dr. Heart has studied to become a pediatric and congenital heart surgeon for many years.She is Height 5feet 7inches . She is net worth  $12 Million .This means she knows how to fix the hearts of both babies and children. She is weight 70 kg .

Who is Tara Heart?

Tara Heart is a superhero in a white coat who works at a prominent place called Cleveland Clinic Children’s. She is a special kind of doctor called a pediatric and congenital heart surgeon. This means she helps kids who have heart problems like you. 

She knows a lot about hearts and how to fix them so kids can run, play, and have fun again. Dr. Heart went to school for many years to learn how to be the best heart doctor for kids. She’s like a heart fixer-upper, making sure every kid’s heart works just right. She puts on her doctor’s coat daily and prepares to make kids’ hearts happy and healthy.


Full Name
Tara Heart
Date of Birth
September 13, 1968
56 years  old (as of 2024)
Illinois, United States


Early Life and Education

Tara Heart was a little girl like you, she loved learning about everything around her. She was super curious and always asked, about the world. School was her playground, where she discovered her passion for science and helping others. She read many books, especially about the human body, and was fascinated by how the heart works.

 Her teachers saw her bright spark and encouraged her to learn more and more. So, she studied hard, always did her homework, and dreamed of becoming a doctor one day. Her journey in education didn’t stop in the classroom; every day was a chance to learn something new and exciting.  All that learning and studying paid off because she grew up to be Dr. Heart, the kind-hearted doctor who helps children with their hearts at Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

Tara Heart

parents and siblings

Tara Heart has a family just like you do! She grew up with parents who loved her and taught her always to be kind and work hard. Dr. Heart also has siblings, which means she has brothers and sisters. Together, they had a lot of fun, played games, and helped each other learn new things. 

Her family was always there to cheer her on, whether she was studying for a big test or playing the piano. Having a loving family helped Dr. Heart become the caring doctor she is today, always ready to help kids with their hearts.

Husband and Boyfriend

Tara Heart loves to spend her time helping children and making their hearts happy. When it comes to her personal life, like who she might share her heart with, such as a husband or a boyfriend, that’s her private story.

 Like everyone has stories they keep in a special box, Dr. Heart has her own. What’s important is how she uses her big heart and intelligent mind to bring smiles and health to kids everywhere. Just remember, whether she’s sharing her heart with someone special, Dr Heart always shares her kindness with the world.

Tara Heart Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

 Tara Heart has a unique look that helps her do the fantastic work of helping children with their heart problems.September 13, 1968 and 66 years old What matters is how kind, thoughtful, and awesome she is at making kids feel better. She is Height 5feet 7inches .

She is weight 70 kg .It’s not about the numbers or how someone looks on the outside but about the big heart and   caring hands Dr. Heart uses to help her patients. Just imagine, she uses her heart to fix other hearts – and that’s the coolest thing about her!

Tara Heart Career

Tara Heart is an exceptional doctor who helps kids with their hearts. She works at a place called Cleveland Clinic Children’s. This big hospital is where many doctors and nurses help sick kids feel better. Dr. Heart is one of those fantastic doctors. She has learned a lot about how to fix hearts so kids can play and laugh again. 

She wears her doctor’s coat daily and uses her smart brain and caring hands to ensure every child she meets gets the best help. Dr Heart didn’t just become a great doctor overnight; she studied hard in school and learned from other intelligent doctors to be their best. She’s a hero to many kids because she helps their hearts be strong.

Tara Heart Before fame

Tara Heart became a hero for kids’ hearts, she was much like you! She loved exploring, learning new things, and dreaming big. As a little girl, she was curious about how things worked, especially the human body. 

She read books, asked many questions, and pretended to be a doctor during playtime. Imagine playing with a toy stethoscope and growing up to use a real one to help people! That’s precisely what Dr. Heart did. Her journey started with curiosity and a big heart, ready to learn and help others.

Tara Heart Social Media Presence

Tara Heart loves to share fun stories and important heart tips on the internet! She uses places like Instagram and Twitter to post pictures and messages. Sometimes, she shows her colourful socks or shares videos of playing the piano. Other times, she talks about how to keep your heart happy and healthy.

 Dr Heart loves it when kids and their families learn new things and smile because of her posts. She always says sharing kindness and knowledge online is like spreading little seeds of happiness that can grow everywhere. So, if you’re curious, you can look up Dr Heart online and learn something cool or see something that makes you smile!

Tara Heart Net Worth and Achievements

Tara Heart has won excellent awards because she is fantastic at helping kids with heart problems. Imagine getting gold stars every time you do something great– like what Dr. She is net worth  $12 Million

We don’t know exactly how much money she makes, but being a doctor usually means you earn a good amount, especially when you’re as good at it as Dr. Heart. The most important thing to her isn’t money or awards; it’s the smiles on the kids’ faces when they feel better. 

Tara Heart Legacy and Impact

Tara Heart is like a superhero for kids with heart problems. Imagine your heart needing a little fix to work right. Dr. Heart is the one who can help with her special skills. Because of her, many children can run, play, and laugh just like their friends. She teaches other doctors how to be heart heroes, too. 

That way, even more kids worldwide can have happy hearts. Dr Heart’s kindness and smart brain make a big, happy difference for many children. She’s not just fixing hearts; she’s spreading smiles and hope everywhere. That’s a pretty remarkable legacy to leave behind.


  • Heart loves playing the piano.  She makes beautiful music that can make anyone smile.  She enjoys eating strawberries. 
  • They are her favourite tasty treat! Wearing colourful socks is something she does every day. Each pair tells a fun story.
  •  Animals, especially dogs, are her buddies.  She loves playing and cuddling with them. 
  • Reading adventure books  and hiking in the mountains  are her go-to activities for fun. 
  • She has a big map that marks places where she’s helped kids. It’s like a treasure map of kindness.

Favorite Thing

  • Dr Heart loves strawberries! They are sweet and yummy. 
  • Playing the piano is super fun for her. She plays beautiful music. 
  •  Colorful socks make every day brighter. 
  • She wears them to make people smile. 
  • Animals, especially dogs, are her friends.  She loves spending time with them.
  •  Adventures in books and mountains are exciting.  She reads and hikes whenever she can. 
  •  Her big map shows all the places where she’s helped kids. 🗺 It’s full of stories and dreams.

Interesting Facts About

  • Dr Heart likes animals, especially dogs. She once travelled to a faraway country to help kids with heart problems. 
  • Dr Heart loves to eat strawberries  they are her favourite snack!  She knows how to play the piano and sometimes plays songs for her patients. 
  • Dr Heart wears colourful socks to work daily; she thinks they make her patients smile. 
  •  On weekends, you might find her hiking in the mountains or reading books about adventures. 
  • She has a big map in her office where she marks all the places she has helped children.


What does Dr. Heart do?

She’s a doctor who helps kids with heart problems to get better. 

 Where does Dr. Heart work?

 She works at a prominent place called Cleveland Clinic Children’s. 

Can Dr Heart fix all heart problems?

She tries her best to help every kid, but some issues are tricky. She’s super intelligent and works hard to make as many kids healthy as possible. 

Does Dr Heart like her job?

 Yes! She loves helping kids and making their hearts better. 

 How did Dr. Heart learn to be a doctor?

She went to school for many years to learn how to help kids with their hearts. Remember, Dr. Heart is there to help kids feel better; she does a great job!


Dr. Tara Heart is a super intelligent doctor who helps children with heart problems. She works at a big hospital called Cleveland Clinic Children’s and excels at what she does. She has learned a lot in school and has helped many kids feel better. Dr Heart also likes to share what she knows on social media so more people can learn about keeping their hearts healthy

Even though we didn’t talk about all the things she does in her free time or her favourite things, it’s clear that she loves helping kids and making a big difference in their lives. Dr. Heart shows us that we can help others uniquely with hard work and caring.


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