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Santtu Seppälä

Santtu Seppälä a successful businessman from Finland and the United States. But don’t be fooled by his big name and fancy job titles because, at heart, Santtu is just like us – a regular guy who loves finance and has a knack for making money.

He’s so good at it that he’s estimated to have a net worth of $10 million! That’s a lot of zeros! And get this, he’s only 35 years old! So not only is he a financial genius, but he’s also relatively young.


Santtu Seppälä
Date of Birth
December 6, 1974 (age 50 years),
Age (as 2024)
50 Years Old
United States
5 feet 5 inches

Who is Santtu Seppälä?

Santtu Seppälä is super intelligent and loves numbers. He grew up in Finland but also calls the United States home. From a young age, Santtu was really into finance, like studying money and how it grows.

He didn’t just play with toys; he probably played with calculators too! Santtu worked super hard in school and got good at understanding the stock market, which is a place where people buy and sell parts of companies.

Real Name:

Santtu Seppala is an American financial analyst and businessperson with extensive experience in the corporate world, having worked for top companies.

Santtu Seppälä

Besides his decorated career, he is famously known for being the husband of Suits and Grey Anatomy actress Sarah Rafferty.

Early Life and Education:

Seppala was born in Illinois, USA, to his Finnish parents. His father, Antti V. Seppala, was an independent pharmaceuticals industry consultant in Lake Forest, Illinois. However, not much is known about Santtu Seppala’s family. Before joining college, he grew up in different countries, including Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, and Germany.

Santtu Seppälä

His first job came in 1993 when he worked as a financial analyst at Salomon Brothers. The Finnish Defence Force later employed him for approximately one year until 1996, after which he got a job as an analyst at Lazard Asset Management and worked for about 5 years.

Parents and Siblings:

Santtu Seppälä comes from a family that loves him a lot. They were always there for him, cheering him on. His parents taught him to work hard and dream big. He also has siblings, who were his first friends and team.

Together, they learned about sharing and caring. Family dinners were special times for sharing stories and laughs. Santtu’s family played a big part in making him who he is today. They’re super proud of all he’s achieved.

And guess what? Santtu always makes time for family, no matter how busy he gets. That’s cool.


Santtu Seppälä is not only brilliant with money. He also has a heart full of love. He’s married to a wonderful lady who supports him a lot. They met when they were both pretty young. It was like a fairy tale come true.

They fell in love and decided to be together forever. She cheers him on in all his business adventures.

Santtu Seppälä

Together, they make a great team. Plus, they share lots of fun times, laughing and exploring new places. His wife is his best friend and biggest fan. She believes in him more than anyone else. Isn’t that super sweet?

The Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure:

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Santtu Seppälä Before Fame:

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Santtu Seppälä Net Worth:

The celebrity businessman’s exact net worth is unknown, but Popular Networth alleges that it is $10 million. He has a successful career in the corporate world, having worked with several top companies.

Because he’s so good at this, he became known as a top-notch financier, analyst, and stock market manager. Imagine being able to predict which companies will do well! That’s what Santtu does, and it’s why he’s so successful today.

Santtu Seppälä Famous Reason Nationality And Religion:

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Santtu Seppälä Legacy And Impact:

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Santtu Seppälä Future Plans:

Celebrated Oona’s birthday in 2022 with a photo of her wearing butterfly wings and a poem by John O’Donohue; Celebrated Iris’ birthday in January 2023 with fan-made photo compilation; Shared a video of a fairy house made with Iris in August 2023, referencing Barbie’s mojo dojo fairy house.

Oldest daughter, Oona Gray, born in 2007; second daughter, Iris Friday, born in 2012. How did he get to where he is now? Let’s look at his family and career and how he became so successful in just a few short years. Get ready to be inspired by Santtu Seppala!

Santtu Seppälä Hobbies:

  • Outdoor Adventures:
  • Santtu loves exploring nature. He goes hiking in the mountains. It’s fun and exciting for him.
  • Reading Books: 
  • He enjoys diving into books about finance. This helps him learn even more.
  • Playing Chess: 
  • Chess is like a puzzle to him. It makes him think and plan.
  • Cooking with Family: 
  • Santtu likes cooking yummy meals. He believes it’s a great way to spend time together.
  • Traveling: 
  • Seeing new places is thrilling for him. He loves learning about different cultures.

Interesting Facts About Santtu Seppälä

  • He dated his wife for approximately 7 years before they married.
  • He has been happily married for more than two decades.
  • He has light brown hair and brown eyes.
  • His parents are Finnish.


How old is Santtu Seppälä?

Santtu is 35 years old, which is pretty young for someone so successful in finance!

Where is Santtu Seppälä from?

Santtu comes from Finland, but he lives in the United States. He calls both places home.

What does Santtu Seppälä do for fun?

He loves hiking, reading books about finance, playing chess, cooking with his family, and traveling to learn about different cultures.

Who is Santtu Seppälä married to? 

He’s married to a wonderful lady, his biggest fan and best friend. They have lots of fun exploring new places together.


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