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Carla Diab

Carla Diab is a talented fashion designer and TV personality, 11 October 1985 known for her impeccable sense of style and  captivating presence on screen. At the age of 39, she has already made a name for herself in the highly competitive fashion industry, with her designs being featured on runways around the world. But Carla’s success is not limited to fashion alone weight 57 kg she has also gained widespread recognition for her appearances on popular reality shows such as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Project Runway.  Standing at a height of 5’7″, Carla Diab is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world and continues to inspire others with her talent and determination. She is a net worth  $6 million.

Who is Carla Diab?

Carla Diab is like a magic fashion fairy, making beautiful clothes that can turn any day into a special occasion. Imagine being able to dream up a gorgeous dress or a cool outfit and then make it real for people to wear! That’s what Carla does. She’s not just good at creating fashion; she’s also a star on TV,

where she shows off her skills in making dresses and gives us a peek into her exciting life. Carla mixes colours, fabrics, and her imagination to make clothing that’s as unique and fun as a treasure hunt. She believes in following dreams, and her journey from loving fashion as a kid to becoming a celebrated designer is just like a storybook adventure.


Full name
Carla Diab Haddad
Date of birth
11 October 1985
39 years old (2024)
Zodiac sign
Beirut, Lebanon

Carla Diab Early Life and Education

Carla Diab grew up in a place filled with the love of her family, who were always there cheering for her. From the time she was just a little kid, maybe about your age, she started loving everything about fashion. She loved playing with fabrics, and colors and even helped her dolls dress up in unique styles she created just for fun! C

Carla Diab

arla went to school just like you, where she learned a lot of things, but her favourite classes were always the ones that let her draw and be creative. As she got older, she went to a special school that teaches all about making clothes, which is called fashion design. Here, Carla learned how to turn her amazing ideas into real dresses and outfits that people could wear. She worked very hard, always doing her best in class, because she knew that learning as much as she could was the first step to making her dreams come true.


Carla Diab parents and siblings

Carla Diab has a family that’s a bit like the teams you see in fairy tales, where everyone has their special role. She grew up with her parents, who are like the king and queen of her story, always there to support her dreams of making beautiful clothes. Carla also has siblings, kind of like princes and princesses, who play and dream along with her.

They’re a close-knit group, sharing laughs and maybe even having friendly fashion shows at home. Just imagine having your brother or sister as your models, wearing clothes you’ve designed! That’s how Carla’s love for fashion grew, with her family cheering her on every step of the way.

Carla Diab Husband and Boyfriend

Carla Diab keeps her heart stuff, like who she’s dating or if she’s married, a bit of a secret, kind of like a hidden treasure chest that not everyone gets to open. It’s her fairy tale that she hasn’t shared with the world. Instead,

Carla loves to fill her life by creating beautiful dresses and sharing joy through her fashion. Just like in stories where the princess focuses on her adventures, Carla is on a wonderful journey, making the world more dazzling with her designs, one dress at a time.

Carla Diab Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Carla Diab is like a character from a fairy tale who designs wonderful clothes. She’s not only talented but also has a unique style that makes her stand out. 11 October 1985  Imagine someone as tall as five stacks of your favourite books! That’s how tall she is. At the age of 39  And just like characters in stories have their magic,  weight 57 kg Carla’s magic is in her smile and sparkling eyes,  at a height of 5’7″,  which you see when she laughs or talks about fashion.

Carla takes care of herself, eating healthy foods and staying active, so she’s strong enough to make all her beautiful clothes. Her appearance, with her lovely hair and stylish outfits, is just like what you’d expect from a person who creates magic with fabric and thread.

Carla Diab Career

Carla Diab has a super cool job: she creates beautiful clothes that people all around the world love to wear. Imagine being able to draw a picture of a dress and then see it come to life for someone to wear to a party! That’s what Carla does every day. She started by drawing her ideas on paper, just like you might do with your crayons. Then, she learned how to make those drawings real dresses that sparkle and shine.

Carla didn’t keep her amazing dresses a secret. She shared them on TV shows like “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Project Runway,” where she showed everyone how good she is at making fashion. People liked her clothes so much that she became famous! Carla shows us that if you love doing something, like drawing or making things, you can turn it into your job when you grow up.

Carla Diab Before fame

Before Carla Diab became a famous fashion designer and TV star, she was just like any other kid. She loved playing dress-up and was always doodling dresses in her notebooks. Carla was fascinated by colours and fabrics from a very young age. She would spend hours watching her mom dress up, and that’s where her dream of becoming a fashion designer started. Carla didn’t just wake up one day and become famous.

She worked hard, learning all about fashion and practising her drawing every day. Even before the bright lights of TV shows and fashion shows, Carla was putting her heart into every sketch, dreaming of the day her designs would be worn by people all over the world.

Carla Diab Social Media Presence

Carla Diab is a big fan of sharing her life and cool fashion tips on social media. Imagine having a magic window that lets you peek into Carla’s colourful world of clothes and fun adventures. That’s what her social media pages are like! She posts pictures and stories that make you feel as if you’re hanging out with her, seeing all the beautiful dresses she creates and the places she visits.

Whether she’s showing off a new dress or sharing a sneak peek of her latest project, Carla’s social media is a treasure chest full of fashion gems. It’s like being invited to a never-ending fashion party with your friend Carla!

Carla Diab Net Worth and Achievements

Carla Diab is like a fashion superhero! She has made lots of pretty clothes that many people love to wear. Because she is so good at designing clothes, she has earned a lot of money.She is a net worth  $6 million.Imagine a big pile of gold coins, like a treasure! That’s sort of like Carla’s success.

Besides making money, Carla has won awards for her amazing designs. It’s like when you do something great and get a gold star for it. Carla has lots of gold stars in the fashion world. She has shown her clothes in big shows where everyone comes to see just how magical they are. Carla’s hard work and creative dresses have made her a star in the fashion sky.

Carla Diab Legacy and Impact

Carla Diab is like a superstar in the world of fashion. She shows us that with creativity and hard work, you can make the world a brighter place. Carla’s clothes aren’t just pretty; they tell stories and make people feel good about themselves. By being on TV, Carla has inspired lots of people, especially girls, to follow their dreams, no matter how big they are.

She teaches us that it’s important to be kind and help others, like when she makes clothes for charity. Carla’s work is like a ripple in a pond, touching many lives and encouraging us all to be our best selves. Her journey teaches us to always keep learning and to share our talents with the world.


  • Drawing: Carla loves to sketch. She creates amazing dresses on paper before they come to life. 
  • Traveling: Discovering new places is super fun for Carla. She gets lots of ideas for her fashion designs this way.
  • Snacking on Popcorn: Yummy popcorn is her favourite snack, especially when she’s busy designing.
  • Learning New Things: Carla is always eager to learn more about fashion and anything else that’s interesting.
  • Helping Other: Making special clothes for charity shows how kind Carla is. She believes in making a difference with her talents.

Favorite Thing

Drawing Dresses: Ever since she was your age, 7 years old, Carla loved to sketch and create beautiful dresses. It’s like magic how she turns simple drawings into real clothes!

Traveling: Carla enjoys exploring new countries. Each adventure gives her fresh ideas for her next fashion creation. 

Eating Popcorn: When she’s busy designing, Carla munches on popcorn. It’s her go-to snack, making her design time extra fun.

Learning: Carla believes in never learning. She takes classes to discover more about fashion, showing it’s cool to keep learning no matter how much you know.

Helping Others: Carla uses her talent to make special clothes for charity. She believes in giving back, making her not just a great designer but a great person too.

Interesting Facts About

  • She’s a night owl: Carla does her best work at night when everything is quiet.
  • Makes clothes for charity: Carla designs special clothes and donates them to help people.
  • Always learning: Even though she’s a big fashion designer, Carla takes classes to learn new things about fashion.
  • Friend to bugs: Carla isn’t scared of bugs; she thinks they’re interesting and sometimes uses bug shapes in her designs.


How did Carla become famous?

Carla became famous by making really pretty clothes and being on TV shows where people design clothes and live glamorously.

Does Carla have a favourite colour?

While we don’t know her one favourite colour, she uses lots of beautiful colours in her clothes. 

What TV shows was Carla on?

Carla appeared on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Project Runway,” showing off her fashion skills and her daily life.

Is Carla on social media?

Yes, Carla loves sharing her life and fashion tips on social media, making her fans feel like they’re friends!

Does Carla have any pets?

We’re not sure if Carla has any pets, but wouldn’t it be fun if she had a fashion-forward furry friend? Remember, 


Carla Diab is a very talented lady who makes beautiful clothes and appears on TV shows. She has done a lot of cool things in her life, like being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Project Runway. Carla loves fashion, and many people love what she does.

She has worked very hard to be successful, and lots of people look up to her. Carla also likes to share bits of her life on social media, making her fans feel close to her. Remember, if you work hard and believe in your dreams, you can achieve great things just like Carla Diab. Isn’t that awesome?


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