Kristina Dourif Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Kristina Dourif

Kristina Dourif is a talented Freelance Makeup Artist and Consultant. She is from the United States. She was born in 1976, making her 48 years old as of 2024. The exact date of her birth is not known. She is the daughter of actor Brad Dourif and his ex-wife Janet Stephanie.

Kristina has a younger sister named Fiona, who is also in the entertainment industry. Kristina is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weight is 64kg. She has made a name for herself in makeup and beauty. With years of experience under her belt, she has amassed a net worth of $3 million. Stay tuned to learn more about Kristina Dourif. You’ll learn about her personal life, career, and success story.

Who is Kristina Dourif?

Kristina Dourif stands out as a respected Freelance Makeup Artist and Consultant. She has deep connections to the entertainment world through her father, Brad Dourif. She has carved out her own place in the beauty industry. Her expertise and creativity have brought her a prosperous career. They let her show her talent for making natural beauty better. She also made unique looks for many clients.

Kristina’s journey in makeup artistry reflects her devotion to her craft. She has an innovative approach to beauty and can inspire confidence in those she works with.


Kristina Dourif
48 years old as of 2024
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
 United States of America

Real Name

People know Kristina Dourif by her professional and public name. She has used it throughout her career in the makeup and beauty industry. She has also made her own reputation.

Kristina Dourif

Her full name reflects her family heritage. But, in her work, she chooses to go by Kristina Dourif. This shows her desire to stand on her own merits and accomplishments.

Early Life and Education

Kristina Dourif grew up in the United States. She immersed herself in a world of creativity and the arts. This was thanks to her father’s acting career. Her family worked in entertainment. This influenced her early years and laid the foundation for her future career.

Her parents, Brad Dourif and Janet Stephanie, supported and inspired her. Her family provided an artistic environment. It also played a crucial role in shaping her aspirations and interests. This backdrop had artistic influence. Her family also encouraged her. It nurtured her talents from a young age.

Parents and Siblings

Kristina Dourif comes from a family steeped in entertainment and creativity. Her father is actor Brad Dourif and her mother is Janet Stephanie. Her family has artistic roots. These roots have shaped her career and life.

Kristina grew up with her younger sister, Fiona Dourif. Fiona has also made her mark in entertainment. They grew up in a nurturing environment that encouraged art. This family setting was fertile ground for her. It was where she developed her talents and pursued her passion in beauty. It emphasized the importance of her heritage and sibling relationship in her journey.


Kristina Dourif has not disclosed details about her marital status. The public has not received any information about a husband. Kristina values her privacy. She has kept parts of her personal life out of the media spotlight. This includes her relationships.

This fits her preference for a low-profile. She focuses on her career and interests. So, we have limited information about her romantic connections or marital status.

Kristina Dourif Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Kristina Dourif’s looks help her stand out. They matter in the beauty industry and beyond.  She was born in 1976, making her 48 years old as of 2024. Her stature stands at 5 feet 4 inches, with a body weight of 64kg. This balanced physique has served her well. It helped her as a makeup artist, where appearance is often scrutinized. It also helped in her personal life, where she embodies a healthy and active lifestyle.\

Kristina Dourif

Her figure shows her understanding of aesthetics. Her expertise in makeup enhances natural beauty. It reflects her professional skill and personal care in staying healthy.

Kristina Dourif Before Fame

Before, Kristina Dourif became a well-known Freelance Makeup Artist and Consultant. Her artistic family shaped her early life. She grew up with a father in entertainment. It opened up a world of creativity for her from a young age.

This exposure to the arts and creativity sparked an interest. It would lead her to the path of makeup artistry. She entered the beauty industry because she loved natural beauty. She also wanted to express herself. This laid the groundwork for her future career.

Kristina Dourif Career

Kristina Dourif’s career has flourished. She is a Freelance Makeup Artist due to her great talent and new techniques. She has worked in many parts of the beauty industry. Kristina has collaborated with photographers, fashion designers, and film directors. They worked together to make creative visions real.

Kristina’s diverse portfolio shows her ability to adapt to different styles and preferences. This makes her a sought-after artist. Her dedication to the craft and pursuit of growth have kept her at the forefront. Kristina is a leader in makeup artistry. She dedicates herself and is always learning. She continues to inspire and captivate with her work.

Kristina Dourif Net Worth

Kristina Dourif’s financial achievements reflect her hard-earned success. She showed strategic skill in the beauty industry. Her estimated net worth is $3 million. It shows her skills as a Freelance Makeup Artist and Consultant. It highlights her ability to use her talents and expertise to succeed.

This financial milestone is impressive. Kristina shows Kristina’s skill at her job. It also highlights her spirit as an entrepreneur. It shows her journey to financial independence and success in a tough field.

Kristina Dourif Future Plains

Kristina Dourif has risen to prominence in the beauty industry. This is due to her innovative makeup artistry and unique aesthetic. But, her fame is also tied to her family’s Hollywood connections. This is especially true through her father, Brad Dourif, a respected actor.

Her mix of skill and family has made her notable. She is a figure. She captivates fans of entertainment and those in beauty and fashion.

Kristina Dourif  Social Media Presence

Kristina Dourif looks ahead. She aspires to expand her place in the beauty industry. Kristina plans to use her much experience and network. She will use them to explore new projects and partnerships. These can further boost her career as a Freelance Makeup Artist and Consultant.

Specific details of her upcoming ventures are under wraps. But, her track record suggests continued creative and professional growth.


  • Kristina Dourif has a professional life as a Freelance Makeup Artist and Consultant.
  • But, she also has many hobbies. These show her creative and adventurous spirit.
  • She has a deep love for the arts. She often spends her free time visiting galleries and attending theater.
  • This interest reflects her style. It also inspires her work in makeup.
  • Besides her love of the arts, Kristina is an avid reader. She especially loves classic and modern fiction.
  • One might see her love for stories and storytelling as an extension of her work. In her work, each makeup design tells its own story.
  • Kristina is also enthusiastic about the outdoors, embracing activities like hiking and cycling.
  • These activities keep her active and let her connect with nature. They offer a refreshing break from her busy work life.
  • , Kristina enjoys experimenting with cooking. She sees it as another way to be creative and express herself.
  • She loves to try different cuisines and recipes. She often shares her cooking adventures with friends and family.
  • Kristina Dourif’s hobbies show a balanced life. It’s full of creativity, health, and personal growth.

Interesting Facts About Kristina Dourif

  • Kristina Dourif has a unique background and talents. They make her a fascinating figure beyond her professional achievements.
  • Her story is compelling because of her connection to Hollywood.
  • Her father is Brad Dourif, an actor known for his many roles in film and TV.
  • This link has influenced her creative path and exposed her to the arts from a young age.
  • Additionally, Kristina has a knack for languages. She speaks more than one language.
  • She has used this skill in her career. She used it especially in working with international clients.
  • Her language skills have enriched her personal life.
  • They have also broadened her work horizons. They let her connect with a diverse clientele.
  • Also, despite her success and fame, Kristina prefers a low-profile life.
  • She values privacy and time with her close family and friends.
  • This preference for privacy has made a mystique around her.
  • It has made the glimpses into her life and work all the more intriguing.


In this section, we address some asked questions about Kristina Dourif. We will shed light on parts of her life and career that have garnered public interest.

What inspired Kristina Dourif to pursue a career in makeup artistry?

The specifics of her inspiration are not detailed. But, Kristina’s exposure to the creative world may have influenced her art. She got this exposure through her father’s acting career.

Has Kristina Dourif worked on any notable projects? Has she worked with well-known clients in her career as a freelance makeup artist?

She has not made her client list or specific projects public. This is to respect her wish for privacy in her work.

How can someone book a consultation with Kristina Dourif for makeup services?

To find Kristina’s makeup services, look for her on social media. Look on professional platforms too. They can also search for her contact information there. But, direct contact details are not available.

Does Kristina Dourif offer workshops or tutorials on makeup?

There is no public information available about workshops or tutorials. Kristina focuses on her work as a freelance makeup artist and consultant.


In short, Kristina Dourif’s journey is as a Freelance Makeup Artist and Consultant. It shows a complex person. She has built a big career in the beauty industry. Her roots are in a creative family. Her diverse interests and skills have bolstered her. She exemplifies creativity and determination.

Despite the allure of Hollywood connections and a high-profile lifestyle. But, Kristina chooses to focus on her art. She maintains a low-key personal life that prioritizes privacy and close connections.


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