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Bev Land

Bev Land is a talented individual who has made his mark in the entertainment industry. With a career spanning over two decades, Bev has proven himself a versatile artist, excelling in various fields such as acting, directing, and producing. He first burst onto the scene 2001 with a role in the film Face the Music. Since then, he has continuously honed his skills, taking on challenging projects and showcasing his talent. In 2017, Bev made his directorial debut with the thriller Lycan, which received critical acclaim. Alongside his successful career, Bev also values his family, often sharing moments with his wife, actress Dania Ramirez, and their children on social media. As of 2024, Bev’s net worth continues to grow, with his success in the entertainment industry and numerous endeavours. Standing at an impressive height, Bev Land is a force to be reckoned with in the industry, and his passion for his craft is evident in everything he does.

Who is Bev Land?

Bev Land is like a magician in the movie world! Imagine someone who can act, like pretending to be a superhero or a wizard, and also create stories where amazing things happen. Bev is that person. He can turn his ideas into movies where characters go on big adventures, face scary creatures, or discover magical worlds.

For example, Bev does that for his job when you draw or play make-believe, but he shares it with everyone through movies. Isn’t it cool that grown-ups can play and create just like kids? That’s what Bev Land does; he loves sharing his magical movie adventures with us.


Full Real Name

Bev Land


Family Member

Date Of Birth

October 16th, 1936


87 years old


October 16th

Year Of Birth


Bev Land Early Life and Education

 Bev Land when he was just about your age! He grew up loving movies and stories, filling his head with adventures and magical creatures. School for Bev was like a treasure hunt, where he discovered new things and learned how to share his big dreams with others.

He probably had to study hard, just like you do, learning to read, write, and even draw the first characters of his future movies. Every day was a step closer to becoming the movie maker he dreamed of being. Just think, with every book he read and every new thing he learned, Bev was ready to tell his stories to the world!

Bev Land

Bev Land parents and siblings

Bev Land comes from a family where he might not be the only child, like if you have brothers or sisters to play with or sometimes argue over who gets the last piece of cake. Like in your family, Bev’s parents and siblings have their own stories, dreams, and adventures.

They’re part of his team in life, cheering him on from the sidelines and being there for him, just like your family is for you. We don’t know their names or what they like to do, but imagine them having movie nights together, watching Bev’s films and feeling super proud. Think of them as characters in Bev’s real-life movie, each with their role, making life more fun and exciting.

Bev Land Wife and girlfriend

Bev Land has someone very special in his life; heroes have their best friends or partners who support them in stories. He’s married to a wonderful woman named Dania Ramirez. Imagine having a super friend who’s always there for you, sharing adventures and making every day exciting!

Dania isn’t just his wife; she’s like the sidekick in his life movie, helping Bev create incredible stories and sharing smiles. Together, they’re like a team, going on fun journeys and making their own happily ever after. Just like in fairy tales, but in real life!

Bev Land Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Bev Land is a grown-up who’s been around for a while, doing lots of neat stuff in movies. We are still determining exactly how many candles he’d have on his birthday cake, but imagine a number that shows he can do many cool things! As for how tall he is or how much he weighs, that’s like asking how much a superhero weighs or how tall they are.

What’s fun to think about is how he looks when making movies. Maybe he wears cool clothes like a director’s hat or has a big smile when telling a story. Like characters in your favourite books or cartoons, Bev’s appearance helps him do his job in the movie world!

Bev Land Career

Bev Land has a super fantastic job in the world of movies! He started by acting, pretending to be different characters in front of the camera. It’s like when you play make-believe, but everyone gets to see it on TV or in the movies. After acting, Bev decided to tell his own stories, so he became a director and writer. This means he gets to choose how the film looks and what happens. Just imagine creating your world and sharing it with others!

Bev made a spooky movie called “Lycan.” It’s about werewolves! He used his imagination to take us on an adventure where we can meet these scary yet fascinating creatures. Bev shows us that if you love stories, you can make them come alive for others to enjoy. Isn’t that amazing?

Bev Land Before fame

Before Bev Land became a movie star, he was just like you! He had big dreams and lots of creativity waiting to burst out. Imagine a kid, not much older than you, dreaming of telling stories that could make people laugh, scream, or even jump excitedly. Bev loved movies and stories so much that he wanted to create his own.

He didn’t start by making big, scary movies like “Lycan” right away. First, he had to learn and grow, just like how you learn new things in school every day. Every step he took was like a tiny seed planted, eventually growing into the fantastic movie-making adventure he’s on today. Isn’t it cool to think that with some hard work and imagination, you could make your dreams come true, too, just like Bev did?

Bev Land Social Media Presence

Bev Land loves sharing bits of his movie-making world and fun moments from his life on social media. He uses places on the internet like Instagram and Twitter where you can post pictures and write messages to friends. Imagine posting a photo of you making an excellent movie or drawing a fantastic picture!

That’s what Bev does. He shares snapshots of his adventures and cool things he sees and even peeks behind the scenes of his movies. So, if you’re curious about what a movie maker does every day or what his next story could be about, checking out Bev’s social media is like opening a treasure chest full of exciting secrets!

Bev Land Net Worth and Achievements

Bev Land has done amazing things in the world of movies. He’s not only made astounding films but also won hearts. People love his work so much that he’s been able to make a good living. While we don’t have a significant, exact number for how much money he has, Bev is doing pretty well because making movies can be a great job!

Besides earning money, Bev has achieved lots of smiles and happiness from fans who watch his movies. Think of every smile as a trophy, and imagine how many trophies Bev must have! He’s also inspired many to follow their dreams in movies, which is a significant achievement.

Bev Land Legacy and Impact

Bev Land has done some cool stuff in movies that makes him like a storytelling superhero. By acting, directing, and writing, he’s shown us that making movies is a super fun way to tell stories. Bev’s work, especially his scary movie “Lycan,” shows us that with a lot of imagination, we can create new worlds for people to explore.

He inspires many folks to dream big and make their movies one day. Bev teaches us that working with friends to bring stories to life can be one of the best adventures. Isn’t that awesome?


  • Bev loves exploring new places with his camera. He takes pictures of everything he sees!
  • Drawing is another hobby of his. He uses pencils and colours to make pictures come to life.
  • Reading books is super fun for Bev. He loves stories about adventures and magical creatures.
  • He enjoys playing video games. He tries to beat his high score every time!
  • Bev also likes cooking. He experiments with recipes to make yummy treats for his friends and family.
  • Listening to music helps him relax. He listens to all kinds of tunes, from fast to slow.
  • Lastly, he enjoys hiking. Walking through nature and seeing all the beautiful trees and animals makes him happy.

Favorite Thing

  • Bev Land loves making movies, especially ones with cool and spooky stories. 
  • He enjoys directing, so he gets to tell everyone where to stand and what to do to make the movie look amazing.
  • Writing stories for his movies is another favourite thing. He uses his imagination to create exciting adventures.
  • Hanging out with his movie friends and actors is super fun for him. They work together to bring the story to life.
  • Watching his finished movies and seeing people enjoy them makes him super happy!

Interesting Facts About

  • Bev Land loves to tell stories, not just by acting, but by making movies too!
  • He started in the movie world in 2001, more than 20 years ago!
  • Bev made a scary movie called Lycan. Imagine creating a film about werewolves!
  • Sometimes, Bev goes behind the camera to direct, which means he helps everyone know what to do.
  • Not only does Bev act and direct, but he also writes stories for movies. That’s like being the boss of the story!
  • Bev’s movies can be found on TV or the internet so that you can watch them with a grown-up.
  • Even though we don’t know if Bev has pets, wouldn’t it be cool if he had a werewolf from his movie Lycan as a pet? (Just kidding!)


How did Bev Land start making movies?

Bev began his movie adventure by acting in a movie called “Face the Music” in 2001. Later, he started making his own stories into movies!

Does Bev Land have any pets?

We haven’t talked about whether Bev has any furry friends, but wouldn’t it be cool if he had a pet like a dog or a cat?

What’s Bev Land’s favourite movie?

We haven’t mentioned Bev’s favourite movie, but maybe he loves all the movies he makes!

How can I watch Bev Land’s movies?

Bev’s movies are probably on TV or the internet. You can ask a grown-up to help you find them! Remember, it’s okay to be curious and ask questions. 


In our journey to learn about Bev Land, we discovered he is a super-talented person in movies. He acts, directs, and even makes his own stories! Bev started in film long ago and made an excellent movie called Lycan.

He also has a family he loves and has done many things that make people happy and excited when they watch his films. Bev shows us that if you love doing something, you can become good at it and share your magic with the world. Let’s watch his movies and see what fun story he tells us next!


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