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Neve O'Brien

Neve O’Brien is a talented young girl who has captured the hearts of many with her sweet voice and bubbly personality. Born in 2005, Neve is currently 16 years old and is the daughter of the famous American TV host Conan O’Brien. In 2012, she gained recognition when she uploaded a cover of Taylor Swift’s hit song “We’re Never Getting Back Together” on YouTube. Since then, Neve has pursued her passion for music and has even formed a band called ENOUGH with her friends. Despite her young age, Neve has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and continues to impress with her talent. With a supportive family and a bright future, we can’t wait to see what Neve O’Brien will achieve in the coming years.

Who is Neve O’Brien?

Neve O’Brien is a girl with a big heart and a love for music. Her dad, Conan O’Brien, makes people laugh on TV, and her mom, Liza Powel O’Brien, is super nice. Neve has a younger brother she loves to play with.

One day, she decided to sing a Taylor Swift song and make a video for everyone to see. That made her a little bit famous, too! Neve is not just any girl; she tries new things and shares her joy with others.


Full name:          Neve O’Brien

Date of birth:     14th October 2003

Place of birth:     New York City, USA

Age:                       17 years as of 2020

Career:                 Student

Nationality:         American 

Neve O’Brien Early Life and Education

Neve O’Brien started her adventure in life with her loving family, which includes her funny dad, Conan O’Brien, her caring mom, Liza Powel O’Brien, and her playful younger brother. Growing up in such a fun and creative home, Neve was surrounded by laughter, love, and many learning opportunities. From a young age, she showed a keen interest in music, which became a big part of her early life.

As Neve grew, her parents ensured she went to school just like you, where she could learn new things daily, make friends, and enjoy being a kid. Her education wasn’t just about books and homework; it was filled with music, playing, and exploring her creative side. This mix of learning at school and home helped Neve become the talented and curious girl she is today.


Neve O'Brien

Neve O’Brien parents and siblings

Neve O’Brien has a very funny dad named Conan O’Brien. He makes a lot of people laugh on TV! Neve’s mom is Liza Powel O’Brien. She met Conan long ago when he was doing his comedy show. Together, they make a happy family. Neve also has a younger brother. He’s her playmate, and they have lots of fun together.

Imagine having a brother or sister to share your toys, play games, and sometimes get into little adventures or even friendly squabbles. That’s what Neve’s life is like with her family. They care for each other and share many happy moments, making their family bond special.

Neve O’Brien Husband and Boyfriend

Neve O’Brien is still a kid, just like you! Life is full of playing, learning, and growing when you’re a child. That means Neve isn’t considering things like having a boyfriend or getting married yet. Instead, she enjoys having fun, creating music, and enjoying adventures with her family and friends.

Imagine spending your days exploring new hobbies, playing with your brother or sister, and making a cool craft. That’s what Neve’s life is like – full of childhood fun and creativity, with lots of time to dream about all the amazing things she can do in the future!

Neve O’Brien Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Neve O’Brien is growing just like you! Each year, she celebrates a birthday and gets a little bit taller. We don’t talk about someone’s weight because it’s not how we measure how awesome a person is. Instead, we think about the fun things they do and the kind of friends they are.

Neve has a big smile that lights up her face, and her eyes sparkle when she laughs. She might wear cool clothes that she loves, just like you might have a favourite shirt or dress. Remember, it’s not about how tall you are or what you look like; it’s about the fun and love you share with the world!

Neve O’Brien Career

Neve O’Brien is just starting her journey into the world of music and creativity. While she might be known for being the daughter of a famous dad, Neve is making waves by exploring her love for music. One of the coolest things she has done is create her music video.

She picked a song by Taylor Swift, added her touch, and shared it with everyone online. It’s like drawing a picture and showing it to your friends, feeling proud and excited. Neve is doing something similar but with music, and it’s just the beginning for her. Who knows what fun and creative projects she’ll do next?

Neve O’Brien Before fame

Before Neve O’Brien became known for her music video, she was like any other kid. Imagine a playground where everyone is running around, playing, and laughing – that was Neve’s world! She went to school, played with her friends, and spent time with her family. Like yours, Neve’s life was filled with games, homework, and family dinners.

She enjoyed doing ordinary things, from drawing pictures to playing hide-and-seek with her brother. It’s cool that before anyone knew she could sing or make a video, Neve was making happy memories and learning new things every day, just like you are right now!

Neve O’Brienv Social Media Presence

Neve O’Brien is like a secret explorer on the internet! Unlike her dad, Conan O’Brien, who shares many funny videos and pictures online, Neve is more like a ninja – she keeps her adventures a little more private. This means we might not see her singing or playing on big websites like Instagram or Twitter every day.

But that’s okay! Like a treasure hunt, finding little bits about her is even more special. She has a cool music video online, like finding a hidden gem. Remember, everyone likes to share in their way, and Neve’s way is a bit more mysterious!

Neve O’Brien Net Worth and Achievements

Talking about money and achievements might seem a bit grown-up, but it’s just a way to see what cool things Neve O’Brien has done. Neve is still pretty young, and while we might still need to learn exactly how much money she has, she’s already achieved some awesome things. For example, making her music video is a big deal!

Imagine picking your favourite song and creating a whole video for it – that’s what Neve did. She chose a Taylor Swift song and shared her version with the world. Plus, being part of a famous family means she gets to experience many interesting things that not everyone does. Even though she’s young, Neve is already making her path with fun projects and creativity.

Neve O’Brien Legacy and Impact

Neve O’Brien might be less famous than her dad, but she’s already doing cool things that can inspire lots of people, even kids like you! By sharing her music and being part of a family that loves to have fun and do creative stuff, she shows us that everyone can make a little splash in the big pond of the world.

It’s like when you do something kind or learn something new, you’re making the world brighter, too! Neve reminds us that being yourself and sharing your talents, big or small, can impact the people around you and even people you haven’t met. Someone may see Neve’s video and feel brave enough to share their talents with the world!


  • Making Music: Neve loves to sing and even made her music video. Imagine singing your favourite song and sharing it with everyone!
  • Spending Time with Family: Neve enjoys doing fun things with her family like you. They might play games, watch movies, or even go on adventures together.
  • Creative Crafts: Neve likes to get crafty. She might draw, paint, or build something cool. It’s like making your toys and art!
  • Exploring: There are many things to see and learn. Neve is curious, always looking for new things to discover. It’s like going on a treasure hunt every day!
  • Playing with Her Brother: Neve has a younger brother, and they have a lot of fun together. They could be playing hide-andseek, making up games, or just laughing together.

Favorite Thing

  • Neve loves music! She even sang a Taylor Swift song for everyone to hear. 
  • Playing and having fun with her younger brother is something she enjoys.
  • Creating things, like drawing pictures or making crafts, could also be a fun hobby for her.
  • Spending time with her family is super important to Neve. They do lots of fun stuff together!
  • Exploring new things every day is something she likes. Just like you, she’s always learning!

Interesting Facts About

  • Neve has a super funny dad who is on TV. His name is Conan O’Brien!
  • She made her music video by singing a Taylor Swift song. How cool is that?
  • Neve has a younger brother, and they are part of a loving family.
  • Even though her dad is famous, Neve has special talents, like making music.
  • She’s not on TV like her dad, but you can find her music video online.
  • Neve is growing and learning new things every day, just like you!
  • She has fun hobbies and loves spending time with her family and doing creative stuff.


Who is Neve O’Brien?

Neve is the daughter of a very funny man on TV, Conan O’Brien. She’s also made a song you can find online!

Does Neve have any brothers or sisters?

Yes! She has a little brother. They are part of a happy family.

How old is Neve?

Neve’s age changes every year, just like yours! Because this was written in 2023, we can’t say exactly how old she is right now, but she’s growing up just like you.

What does Neve like to do?

Neve loves making music and spending time with her family. She might have other hobbies, like drawing or playing games.

Is Neve on TV?

Neve isn’t a TV star like her dad, but she made a cool music video that’s on the internet. 


We’ve learned lots of fun and interesting things while wrapping up our adventure about Neve O’Brien! Neve is a special girl because her dad is super famous, but she’s also cool in her way. She even made a song that people can listen to on the internet! Neve is growing up and learning just like you.

Remember, everyone has their own story, including you and Neve. So, keep being curious and learning, and maybe one day, you’ll share your story, too, just like Neve did! Thanks for joining on this journey about Neve O’Brien. Who knows what amazing stories we’ll discover next?


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