Pris Angel Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Pris Angel

Pris Angel the young Colombian actress and model, has captured the hearts of people all around the world with her mesmerizing performances. At just 23 years old, she has already achieved remarkable success in her career. But there’s more to this talented star than meets the eye. In this blog post, we will delve into Pris Angel’s age, family background, net worth, and height, giving you a glimpse into the life of this rising star. So, buckle up and get ready to learn all about Pris Angel in 2024!

Who is Pris Angel?

Pris Angel is a shining star from Colombia, making everyone smile with her acting and modeling. She started when she was very young, loving to pretend and dress up, showing everyone she could be anyone she wanted in her plays. 

With her tall and bright presence, she’s not just a person you see on TV or in magazines, but someone who carries dreams and makes them real. Pris is like a superhero without a cape, using her talent to spread joy and inspire others to chase their dreams too. Just like magic, she turns her passion into amazing performances that make the world a happier place.


Full Name
Pris Angel
Alternative Names
Alika / Alika Mii / Alika Penagos / Angel
Colombian Actor and Model
Debut Year
Date of Birth (DoB)
January 1, 2001
23 Years (in 2024)

Early Life and Education

Pris Angel grew up in a beautiful place called Colombia. When she was a little girl, just like you, she loved to play and learn new things every day. Pris went to school like most kids, where she made lots of friends and discovered her love for acting and modeling. Imagine being in a school play and feeling the magic of pretending to be someone else. 

That’s what Pris loved to do! She worked hard at school, always did her homework, and dreamed big about becoming a star. School taught her not just reading and math, but also how to believe in herself and chase her dreams. Pris knew that learning was the first step towards achieving her goals, and she was excited to learn something new every single day.

Pris Angel

parents and siblings

Pris Angel has a family that’s a bit like a team, working together and supporting each other. Just like you might have a mom, dad, brothers, or sisters who cheer you on, Pris has her special crew at home. She’s kind of private about them, like keeping a secret fort hidden.

 We don’t know if she has brothers who are pranksters or sisters who share secrets. What we do know is that her family is important to her, just like yours is to you. They are the ones who clap the loudest at her shows and have fun family movie nights.

Husband and Boyfriend

Pris Angel keeps her heart like a treasure chest, only opening it for special keys. She hasn’t told the world if a prince is charming in her life story, making it a big mystery. Like in fairy tales, where the princess keeps a secret diary hidden under her pillow, 

Pris too keeps her love life tucked away from curious eyes. So, as of now, we don’t know if she has a boyfriend or not. It’s one of those stories where the next chapter is eagerly awaited by everyone.

Pris Angel Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Pris Angel is 23 years old, which means she’s been around for a little more than two decades! When it comes to how tall she is, Pris stands out because she’s pretty tall, which is super helpful in her modeling career. She’s like one of those tall, elegant trees that you see in the park, standing proud and strong. We don’t know exactly how much she weighs,

 but that’s not important. What’s cool is how Pris uses her height to shine in front of the camera, showing off beautiful clothes in the best way possible. Plus, her smile and the sparkle in her eyes make her stand out even more. 

Pris Angel Career

Pris  started her journey in the big, exciting world of acting and modeling when she was just a little girl. She loved to play dress-up and pretend to be in movies, which helped her become the star she is today. Pris has been in TV shows where she gets to be different characters, making people smile and laugh. She also models, 

which means she poses for pictures in cool clothes. People everywhere love to watch her because she’s so good at what she does. Pris works hard, and her dream of being famous comes true because she never gives up. She shows us that doing what you love can turn into something amazing!

Pris Angel Before fame

Pris Angel was just like any other kid who loved to play and imagine. She spent a lot of her time pretending to be in her movies and fashion shows, right in her backyard! Pris loved to dress up in different costumes and act out stories she made up, using her imagination to travel to faraway places without ever leaving home. 

Her family and friends were her first audience, clapping and laughing at her performances. Little did they know, these fun playtimes were just the start for Pris. She was learning how to be a star without even realizing it. This was her special way of practicing for the big world of acting and modeling that was waiting for her.

Pris Angel Social Media Presence

Pris Angel loves to share her adventures on the internet where everyone can see them. Imagine a magical book where you can see photos and videos of someone’s fun days out, and their beautiful outfits, and hear their stories – that’s what Pris does with her social media! She has accounts on places like Instagram and Twitter, where she posts pictures of her traveling, acting, and modeling. 

It’s like a window into her world! People from all over can watch her videos, and see her smile in photos, and sometimes, she even talks directly to her fans by answering their messages. She uses these magical internet places to spread happiness and share a bit of her day with everyone. Isn’t it cool to think you can see what someone’s doing, even if they’re far away?

Pris Angel Net Worth and Achievements

Pris Angel has done some pretty amazing things in her career. Even though she’s only 23 years old, she has become very popular in acting and modeling. People enjoy watching her on TV and seeing her in magazines. Pris has won awards for her acting, which is like getting gold stars for doing something well. 

It’s a big deal because it means lots of people think she’s good at what she does. When it comes to how much money she has made, Pris Angel has earned a lot because she is so good at her job. While we don’t know the exact amount, it’s enough to buy lots and lots of ice cream!

Pris Angel Legacy and Impact

Pris  has inspired a lot of people, including kids, to follow their dreams. She shows everyone that if you love doing something, like acting or modeling, you can become great at it if you work hard. Pris makes people happy when they watch her on TV or see her pictures. 

She helps kids believe that they can be anything they want when they grow up, just like she did. Because of Pris, more kids now dream about acting and modeling, and they believe it’s possible to reach their goals. Her story tells us that being kind and working hard helps make the world a brighter place.


  • Traveling to New Places: Pris loves going on adventures and seeing different parts of the world. It’s like a big treasure hunt for her! 
  • Acting Out Stories: Pretending to be someone else for a little while is a lot of fun. It’s like playing make-believe. 
  • Modeling: Dressing up in fancy outfits and showing off cool poses is something Pris enjoys. It’s like playing dress-up. 
  • Spending Time with Loved Ones: Playing games and chatting with her family and friends makes her happy. It’s like having a party every day. 
  • Keeping Secrets: Pris thinks it’s fun to have little mysteries, like who her best friend is. It’s like being a detective.

Favorite Thing

  • Playing Pretend: Pris loves to act. She enjoys pretending to be different characters, from a brave superhero to a kind-hearted princess. 
  • Dress-Up Time: Modeling lets Pris wear beautiful clothes and strike poses. It’s like a big fashion show every day! 
  • Adventure Time: Exploring new places is thrilling for Pris. She imagines she’s on a grand adventure in a storybook. 
  • Fun with Friends: Hanging out with her buddies, playing games, and sharing laughs are some of Pris’s favorite moments. 
  • Secret Missions: Keeping secrets, especially about her best friend, makes every day feel like a spy adventure.

Interesting Facts About

  • Pris was born right when the year started! She’s a New Year’s Day baby. 
  •  She loves to act and model, showing off her skills on TV and in magazines. 
  • Traveling is one of her favorite things. She enjoys seeing new places. 
  • Pris has brothers or sisters, but she keeps that part of her life private. 
  •  She’s tall, which helps her in her modeling career. 
  •  Pris has a lot of friends, but she likes to keep her best friend a secret. 
  • Besides acting and modeling, Pris loves spending time with her family and friends.


How old is Pris Angel?

Pris is 23 years old. She was born on January 1, 2001. That makes her a New Year’s baby! 

What does Pris Angel like to do for fun?

Pris loves acting, modeling, and spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

Does Pris Angel have any brothers or sisters?

 Yes, Pris has siblings, but we don’t know how many. She likes to keep her family life private. 

Is Pris Angel tall?

 Yes, Pris is considered tall. She has a height that helps her in modeling too! 

Who is Pris Angel’s best friend?

 Pris has lots of friends, but she hasn’t told us who her best friend is. She likes to keep some things a surprise. Remember, 


Pris Angel is a bright star in the world of acting and modeling. She has shown that with hard work and love for what you do, you can reach your dreams. At only 23 years old, she has already done so much and has many fans who love her.

 Pris shows us that it’s important to follow your heart and work hard. She is a great example for kids and grown-ups everywhere. Remember, like Pris, you can achieve big things no matter how young you are. Keep dreaming and working hard!


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