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Malu Trevejo

Her infectious energy and talent for singing and dancing quickly captured the hearts of millions, and she now has a massive following on Instagram. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches and weighing 48kg, Malu has become a role model for many young girls and boys who aspire to follow their dreams and achieve success. With an estimated net worth of $3 million, Malu Trevejo is a true inspiration and a rising star to watch out for.

Who is Malu Trevejo?

Malu Trevejo is a girl who loves to sing, dance, and share her life with people online. She grew up in Havana, Cuba, but now lives in Miami, Florida. Malu started getting many friends on an app where she showed her dancing, and now she has many friends on Instagram, too.

She sings songs in English and Spanish, which is cool because she can talk to more people that way. Malu is like a bright star on the internet, showing everyone how to have fun and follow their dreams by doing what they love.


Name Malu Trevejo
Age 22 Years
Date of Birth Oct 15, 2002
Residence Miami, Florida
Country United States
Profession Singer and Dancer
Birth Place Havana, Cuba

Real Name

Malu Trevejo’s real name is María Luisa Trevejo. It’s a pretty name. Like in stories where characters sometimes have unique names, Malu’s real name has a beautiful sound. María Luisa chose “Malu” because it’s catchy and easy for her friends to remember.

Malu Trevejo

When you hear “Malu Trevejo,” think of it as a unique nickname she chose to share her music and dances with everyone. Just like you might have a nickname you like, Malu has one too!

The Early Years and Rise to Fame

Malu Trevejo grew up in a beautiful place called Havana in Cuba. Just like you, she loved to dance and sing when she was little. She started sharing her dancing on an app, and many people liked it. This made her very happy. Malu worked hard and kept sharing her songs and dances.
Malu Trevejo

More and more people started to watch her videos. They loved seeing her smile and move. Soon, she became famous not just in Cuba but worldwide. Malu showed everyone that you can make your dreams come true if you do what you love.

Parents and Siblings

Malu Trevejo has a family just like you do. She has parents who love her very much, and she plays with a younger sibling. Her family comes from a beautiful place called Havana in Cuba. Growing up, Malu’s family was always there to support her dreams of singing and dancing. They watched her perform and cheered her on. Having a younger sibling means Malu gets to be a big sister. She shares her toys, teaches dances, and tells stories. Malu’s family is a big part of her journey, helping her to be brave and follow her dreams.


Malu Trevejo is a young girl who, like in fairy tales, might have friends and people she likes to spend time with. Sometimes, grown-ups and older kids have boyfriends or girlfriends, special friends they want a lot. But Malu keeps her life private, so she doesn’t share everything with the world.

It’s like having a secret diary or a treasure box; some things are just for her. So, we might not know if she has a boyfriend, but that’s okay! It’s important to respect everyone’s privacy and enjoy the fun things they choose to share with us.

Malu Trevejo Age, Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Malu Trevejo is a girl who just turned 21 years old. She’s not tall or short, standing 5 feet 4 inches. Malu weighs about as much as 48 small bags of sugar, which is 48kg. She has a smile that lights up a room and loves to dress in fun outfits that show her unique style.

Just like you might enjoy picking out your clothes for school, Malu enjoys choosing what to wear for her videos and shows. She’s a great example of being happy with how you look and feeling confident!

Malu Trevejo Before Fame

Before Malu Trevejo became a shining star on the internet, she was a regular girl like you. She lived in a place filled with sunshine, Havana, Cuba. She spent her days just like any other kid in this lovely spot, playing, laughing, and dreaming big dreams.

Malu Trevejo

Malu always loved music and dancing. Even without fancy cameras or many followers, she enjoyed sharing her dances and songs with her family and friends. This joy in doing what she loved was her first step to becoming the well-known and loved figure she is today.

Malu Trevejo Career

Malu Trevejo started sharing her dancing on an app and became super popular! People from all over the world liked watching her move and groove. Then, she began singing, and her voice was as unique as her dances.

Malu made songs that lots of folks enjoy in both English and Spanish. She even acted in a movie called Wolf Mountain. Imagine doing all that cool stuff! She shows us that if you love doing something, keep at it, and you might become a star like her.

Malu Trevejo Transitioning into Music and Acting

Malu Trevejo loved to dance and share her moves online. But guess what? She also has a beautiful voice! One day, she decided to sing along with her dancing, and people loved it. This made her think, “Maybe I can do more!” So, she started to sing songs for everyone to hear and even acted in a movie called Wolf Mountain.

Malu Trevejo

Imagine acting in a movie! Malu shows us that trying new things, like singing and acting, can be fun and exciting. She keeps showing her talents to the world in new ways.

Malu Trevejo The Social Media Phenomenon

Malu Trevejo became very popular because of something called social media. Social media is like a big online playground where people share pictures and videos and talk to each other. Malu started by sharing her dance moves and songs on an app where you can post short videos.

Lots of people watched and liked her videos. Then, she began to use another app where you can post pictures and stories. Many people also started following her to see her fun posts. Malu’s joy and talent made her a star in this giant online playground.

Malu Trevejo Net Worth

Malu Trevejo has saved much money by singing, dancing, and sharing videos online. Think of a piggy bank, but much, much bigger! She has $3 million in her big piggy bank.

That’s like having a mountain of toys and candy! Malu got this treasure by working hard and making many people smile with her talents. This shows us that doing what we love not only makes us happy but can also help us save lots of pennies for our big piggy banks!

Malu Trevejo Nationality And Religion

Malu Trevejo comes from Havana in Cuba, making her Cuban! But she lives in Miami, Florida, and is also American. People from all over the world can have different beliefs and celebrate various holidays. Like everyone else, Malu has her own beliefs that are special to her.

Just like how some friends might celebrate Christmas and others might have different traditions, Malu has her ways of thinking about big questions. It’s cool to learn about people’s various backgrounds and beliefs!

Malu Trevejo Legacy and Impact

Malu Trevejo is like a shining star in the sky, showing us that following our dreams can lead to beautiful places. She helps people feel happy and inspired by sharing her songs and dances. Malu teaches us to be brave, to try new things, and to be ourselves no matter what.

Her story is like a magic map that guides us to chase our dreams and make the world brighter. Every dance move and song she shares adds a sparkle to this map, encouraging us all to dance, sing, and dream along with her.


  • Dancing: Malu loves to dance. It’s like playing a fun game for her. She moves to the music and feels happy.
  • Singing: Singing is another fun activity for Malu. She sings loud and clear, as when you sing your favourite songs.
  • Traveling: Imagine going on adventures to new places. That’s what Malu does when she travels. She sees new things and meets new friends.
  • Making Videos: Malu enjoys making videos, like show and tell. She shares stories and shows her dance moves to people online.
  • Hanging Out with Friends: Malu loves spending time with her friends like you. They play, talk, and laugh together.
  • Trying New Foods: Malu is adventurous with food, too. She tries new snacks and meals, discovering what she likes and doesn’t like.
  • Fashion: Picking out clothes and dressing up is fun for Malu. She likes to mix and match, creating cool outfits.

Interesting Facts About Malu Trevejo 

  • From Cuba: Malu was born in Havana, Cuba. It’s far away and has beautiful beaches.
  • TikTok Star: Before she sang songs, many people liked watching her dance and having fun on a TikTok app.
  • Speaks Two Languages: Malu can talk in English and Spanish. That means she can say “hello” and “hola” to more friends!
  • Loves Animals: Malu has a big heart for furry friends. She thinks animals are super cute.
  • A Big Sister: Malu isn’t just by herself; she has a younger sibling. They play and laugh a lot together.
  • Music Videos: She doesn’t just sing; Malu also makes cool music videos where she dances and tells stories with her songs.
  • Fan of Fashion: Picking out what to wear is fun for Malu. She loves trying on different clothes and looking stylish.
  • Has a Big Online Family: Millions of people watch her videos and listen to her music online. It’s like having a massive group of friends from all over the world!


How old is Malu?

Malu is 21 years old as of 2024. Imagine being 21 and getting to do all sorts of grown-up things!

Where was Malu born?

Malu was born in a sunny place called Havana, in Cuba. It’s an island with lots of beaches and sun!

What languages can Malu speak?

Malu can speak two languages, English and Spanish. That means she can talk to even more friends around the world.

What does Malu like to do for fun?

Malu loves dancing, singing, making videos, and hanging out with her friends. She also enjoys trying new foods and dressing up in fabulous outfits.

Is Malu an only child?

No, Malu is not an only child. She has a younger sibling, so she becomes a big sister. Remember, learning about people from different places and what they like to do is fun. Malu Trevejo is just one of many exciting folks out there!


Alright, kids, we’ve learned a lot about Malu Trevejo today! She’s a super-talented girl who loves to sing, dance, and make fun videos for everyone to enjoy. From her beginnings in sunny Havana, Cuba, to becoming a big star on TikTok and Instagram, Malu shows us that dreams can come true with hard work and lots of passion.

She also reminds us that having fun, trying new things, and spending time with friends and family is essential. Malu’s journey teaches us to follow our hearts and never give up on what we love doing. So, what do you think? One day, you could share your talents and hobbies with the world like Malu! Keep dreaming big, 


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