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Gracie Bon

Gracie Bon is a name that has been making waves in the modelling and social media world. Gracie, born in 1994, will have been 30 years old in 2024 and has done much at such a young age. She was is height 5 feet 6 inches and weight of 102 kg.

It all started with loving my 300 pounds body. She was is net worth $400 million. She is now in high demand as a model in the industry thanks to her beautiful bikini and fashion modelling photos. Gracie is more than a lovely face; she advocates body acceptance and self-love.

Who is Gracie Bon?

Gracie Bon is a talented model who shares her pictures wearing lovely clothes online. People like her because she shows how to love yourself just as you are. She was born in 1994, so she’s grown up but still loves having fun and inspiring others. Gracie works hard in her job, posing for photos and helping clothes look their best.


She also runs a successful blog that shares style advice and promotes body positivity, engaging with her large online following meaningfully. She believes it’s essential for everyone to feel good about themselves, and she tries to help people do just that through her pictures and words. Gracie Bon is not just about looking pretty; she’s about making everyone feel great.

Bio; Wiki

Real Name
Gracie Bon
Birth Place
Panamá City, Panamá
born in 1994
30  years old
height 5 feet 6 inches
weight of 102 kg
Body Measurements
300 pounds body
Shoe Size
8US / 41 EU
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Panamá, City
Plus-Size Model, Instagram Star
Sexual Orientation
Current Residence
Dress Size
18 US
Famous for:
Instagram Model
Marital Status
Current Boyfriend
Active Years
Net Worth
$400 million
Mother’s name
Father’s name
Playing Tennis
Gracie Bon is represented by MJ Curve.

Gracie Bon’s Early Life and Education

Gracie’s grew up in a town with many trees and parks where she could play and have fun. She went to a school close to her home. There, she loved drawing and painting the most. Gracie always had lots of friends and enjoyed learning new things.

When she was not in school, she dressed up and pretended to be a fashion model, which was like playing a game for her. Gracie always did her homework on time because she knew learning was important. She loved reading books, especially stories about adventures and magic. Gracie’s teachers said she was a good student who was kind and helped others.

Gracie BonGracie Bon’s Parents and Siblings

Gracie’s grew up in a loving family. She has a mom and a dad who always cheer her on. They go to all her fashion shows and are very proud of her. Gracie also has a brother and a sister. They are fun to be with. Her brother likes to play soccer, and her sister loves to draw, just like Gracie. They often spend time playing games and going on adventures together.

During their downtime, they enjoy hosting themed dinner nights where each member takes turns cooking. They also have a family tradition of holidaying together at least once a year. Gracie’s family is essential to her. They laugh, share stories, and help each other. Gracie feels lucky to have them.

Gracie Bon, Husband/Boyfriend

Gracie’s is a lovely person to whom many people look up. When it comes to who she might be dating or if she has a husband, she likes to keep that part of her life private. That means she only talks a little about it on the internet or to the public. Gracie believes some unique things should be kept for her and not shared with everyone. This helps her have a little secret garden of her own life that only she and the people close to her know about.

It’s like when you have a best friend and share secrets with them that no one else knows. It makes your friendship unique. Gracie feels the same about her personal life. She thinks having some stories and memories that are just hers is essential, making her smile. Like everyone else, Gracie gets to decide what she wants to share with the world and what she wants to keep just for herself and those she loves.

Gracie Bon Children

Gracie Bon keeps her life with kids very private. She believes some things are just for her to know and not everyone else. Just like how you might have a special toy or book that’s just yours, Gracie feels the same about her family life. We don’t know if she has kids because she likes to keep that part of her life a secret. Her philosophy is centered on maintaining a boundary between her personal space and the world.

Gracie’s approach may seem unusual in today’s world of constant sharing, but she’s comfortable with it. It’s a mystery that only Gracie and her closest friends and family know about. She wants to make sure if there are any kids in her life, they can have fun and grow up happy without everyone watching them all the time.

Gracie Bon Age, Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Gracie age is 30  years old. She is tall, like a basketball player,  but not too tall, standing just right for a model. She was is height 5 feet 6 inches and weight of 102 kg. Gracie weighs as much as a healthy person should for her height, which helps her look amazing in all types of clothes. Her hair is long and shines like the sun. She has a smile that lights up the room, making everyone happy.

Her physique is accentuated by her love for fitness and outdoor activities that keep her energetic and vibrant. From hiking to yoga, she takes pleasure in embracing an active lifestyle, which, in return, magnifies her natural beauty. Gracie’s eyes are bright and joyful, looking at the world wonderfully. Her skin glows, and she always looks ready for a beautiful photo. Gracie shows us that being healthy and caring for yourself makes you glow from the inside out.

Gracie Bon Before Fame

Before Gracie Bon became known for modeling and sharing happy vibes online, she was much like any kid. She loved to dress up and imagine being in a fashion and beauty world. Gracie always enjoyed being in front of the camera, even if it was just playing around at home. She wasn’t famous back then, but she had big dreams. Gracie often joined in school plays and loved being part of art projects.

Even when not on stage or behind the camera, Gracie honed her creativity, practicing poses and expressions in the mirror, immersing herself in fashion magazines, and drawing inspiration from them. Her enthusiasm and devotion were already indicative of her future success. These small steps helped her learn how to express herself and feel confident. Gracie’s journey started like any adventure, filled with fun, learning, and dreaming big!

Gracie Bon Career

Gracie Bon became famous for being a model. She takes pictures in pretty clothes and shares them online. Many people like to see her photos because she looks happy and teaches us to love how we look. Gracie also writes on a blog. Aside from modeling and blogging, Gracie also engages with her followers through live sessions where she answers their queries about fashion and self-love.

Gracie Bon

She gives tips on dressing up and feeling good about yourself. Her job is fun because she gets to try on lots of outfits and meet new people. Gracie works hard but loves what she does. She shows us that doing what you love can make you happy and bring joy to others, too.

Gracie Bon’s Net Worth

Gracie Bon has done well as a model and a blogger. She has made money by being in pictures and writing on her blog. Think of it like when you do chores and get allowance money. She was is net worth $400 million. Gracie receives paid for wearing beautiful clothes and taking photos, plus sharing her thoughts online. Being a famous model and blogger, she’s paid by fashion and lifestyle brands to feature their products on her platforms.

From endorsing clothes to reviewing skincare products, Gracie earns from her partnerships with these brands. We don’t know how much money she has, but being successful in her job means she probably has a good amount saved. She uses her money to care for herself, do fun things, and help others. It’s like having a giant piggy bank that she fills by working hard and doing what she loves.

Gracie Bon Famous Reason

Gracie Bon became very popular because she showed us how to love our appearance. She wears pretty dresses and takes photos that make people happy. Gracie also writes on the internet, sharing tips on feeling good about ourselves. She believes in being kind and loving who we are, which is lovely. People like Gracie because she helps them feel better about themselves.

Many have commented on how her cheerful attitude and positive messages have inspired them to feel more confident in their skin. They admire her for not just talking about self-love but genuinely living it out loud every day. Her pictures and words are like sunshine, making our days brighter. That’s why lots of folks follow her and listen to what she says. Gracie shows us it’s essential to be happy with who we are, making her a star to many.

Gracie Bon Future Plans and Projects

  • Gracie wants to make new clothes that everyone can feel good in.
  • She plans to write a book about being happy with who you are.
  • Gracie dreams of traveling to faraway places and taking photos.
  • She will start a YouTube channel to share tips on fashion and being confident.
  • Gracie hopes to work with kids, teaching them how to draw and paint.
  • She wants to help animals and might start a project to keep them safe and happy.
  • Gracie is excited to learn and share new things with her friends online.


  • Gracie loves colors that make you think of sunshine and happiness, like yellow and pink.
  • She enjoys eating ice cream on hot days, especially chocolate and strawberry flavors.
  • Playing dress-up is still one of her favorite things to do. She imagines she’s in different worlds.
  • Gracie likes going on adventures in the park, pretending she’s exploring new places.
  • She loves reading books about magical places and brave characters.
  • Drawing and painting make Gracie very happy. She creates pictures of her dreams.
  • Gracie adores animals, such as incredibly fluffy kittens and playful puppies.
  • Watching movies about heroes and adventures is a fun time for her.
  • She finds joy in dancing to fun music around her room.

Exciting Facts About Gracie Bon

  • Gracie once won a costume contest by dressing up as a magical fairy. She made the costume herself.
  • She has an extensive collection of hats because she loves how they look and feel.
  • Gracie can speak two languages, English and a little bit of Spanish, which she learned in school.
  • Her favorite hobby is taking pictures of sunsets because they remind her of cotton candy skies.
  • She loves to make her jewelry, especially bracelets that sparkle.
  • Gracie has a secret recipe for making the best chocolate chip cookies, a recipe she created with her sister.
  • She once helped plant a garden at her school, filling it with flowers and vegetables to help bees and butterflies.


How old is Gracie Bon?

Gracie is 29 years old. She was born in 1994.

What does Gracie Bon do?

Gracie is a model who takes pictures in pretty clothes and shares them online. She also writes on a blog to share style advice.

Does Gracie Bon have any siblings?

Gracie has a brother who likes to play soccer and a sister who loves to draw.

What are some things Gracie loves?

Gracie loves colors like yellow and pink, eating ice cream, dressing up, going on adventures, reading books, drawing, and painting.

Can Gracie speak any other languages?

Yes, Gracie can speak English and a little bit of Spanish.


Gracie Bon is a special lady who shows everyone how to love themselves and be happy. She does many fun things like modeling, blogging, and planning to make new clothes. Gracie also dreams of writing a book and traveling to take beautiful photos. She wants to start a YouTube channel to share fashion tips and confidence tricks.

Gracie cares about kids and animals and wants to help them, too. Her bright smile and kind heart teach us to be kind to ourselves and others. Gracie is like a superhero without a cape, making the world a happier place with her joy and love.- Gracie Bon shows us that being happy is extraordinary. She likes to keep some things private, like who she might be dating or if she has kids. That’s her secret garden.


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