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Clare Wren

Clare Wren is a talented American actress. She has made a name for herself in entertainment. Wren has had a career spanning two decades. May 4, 1962 and 62 years old. She has captivated audiences with her performances on both the big and small screens.  She weight  56 kg   and height 5 feet 6 inches She gained widespread recognition for her role as it’s Rachel Dunne. It was in the popular western series, The Young Riders. Beyond her acting credits, Wren is also a devoted wife and mother. She is a net worth $1.5 million (approximately) As she pursues new projects and roles, fans are curious about her age, career, family, money, and height.

Who is Clare Wren?

Clare Wren is like a real-life superhero who played dress-up for her job! She was in movies and TV shows, pretending to be different people and taking us on amazing adventures. Imagine being able to be a brave hero one day and a kind doctor the next, all by acting!

Clare did that and became known to many as a shining star on their screens. She started as a little girl, like you, loving stories and dreaming big.


Full Name:
Clare Wren
62 years old
Birth Date:
May 4, 1962 
Birth Place:
New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S
Zodiac Sign:
 5feet 6inches (1.68 m)
Sexual Orientation:
Marital Status:
Husband (Name):
Yes (William Russ)
American actress
Net Worth in 2022:
$1.5 million (approximately)

 Real Name

When she came into the world, her parents named her Helen Claire Wren. Think of it like this: when you play a game and choose a character, sometimes you give them a special name.

Clare Wren

Clare’s parents did that for her, but “Clare Wren” is the name she uses in movies and shows. It’s a bit like having a well-known nickname. For Clare, that name helped her become a star on the big screen and TV!

Clare Wren Early Life and Education

Clare Wren was once a little girl like you, with big dreams and a love for stories. When she was your age, she went to a school where she learned to read, write, and play. Clare loved to be in school plays. She pretended to be characters from fairy tales and adventures.

She worked very hard in school because she knew that learning was the first step to achieving her dreams. Clare also loved to watch movies and act them out with her friends. She dreamed of being on the big screen, and school was where her journey to becoming an actress began.

Clare Wren parents and siblings

Clare Wren grew up with her family, who loved her very much. She has a mommy and a daddy, like you, who helped her learn many things. Clare might have brothers or sisters, but we don’t know much about them. It’s fun to imagine having fun with your family, playing games, and telling stories.

That’s what Clare did too! Her family was there to cheer her on and watch her act in plays and movies. They were her biggest fans! Having a loving family is like having a supportive team. They help you no matter what. Clare’s family was like that for her.

Clare Wren Husband and Boyfriend

Clare Wren has a special person in her life who she decided to marry. It’s like in fairy tales where princesses find their princes, and Clare found her prince too! His name is William Russ, and he’s also an actor. They liked each other so much that they decided to become a family.

Imagine going to work and getting to pretend to be different people every day with someone you like a lot! That’s what Clare and William get to do. They share a lot of happy times together, making their own stories like in the movies.

Clare Wren Age, weight, height, and physical appearance.

Clare Wren is a lady who was once on TV and in movies.  May 4, 1962 and 62 years old.  We don’t know her height or weight.  She weight  56 kg   and height 5 feet 6 inches  But what’s cool is how she could become different people in her acting roles! Imagine dressing up and pretending to be someone else; that’s what Clare did for her job.

Clare Wren

She always looked right for every part she played. She was a brave hero or an adventurer. Like when you play dress-up and pretend, Clare got to do that every day and bring stories to life with her look.

Clare Wren Career

Clare Wren is a talented lady who acted in movies and TV shows. She became very famous for playing the role of Rachel Dunne in a show called “The Young Riders.” Clare acted in cool movies like “Lunker Lake” and “Steel & Lace.

” She also appeared on TV in shows many people love, like “ER” and “Law & Order.” Clare didn’t act in one or two things. She acted in many movies and TV shows, which made her a well-known actress. She worked very hard in her acting career, which helped her become famous.

Clare Wren Before fame

Before Clare Wren became a famous actress, she was a regular girl with big dreams. She loved to play pretend and act out stories, even before she knew she wanted to be an actress. Clare would spend hours dressing up and making up stories with her friends.

She also liked to watch movies and plays, imagining herself on the big screen or on stage. Clare worked hard at school and in her acting classes, always hoping that one day she would get her chance to shine. Her dedication and love for acting helped her reach her dreams of becoming a star.

Net Worth

Clare Wren worked really hard in her movies and TV shows, kind of like when you save up your allowance for something special.  She is a net worth $1.5 million (approximately) Because of her hard work, she has saved up money from acting, kind of like a treasure chest! While we might not know exactly how much money is in her treasure chest, it’s safe to say she did well for herself.

Imagine having a big piggy bank; that’s what Clare has from being in all those cool shows and movies. It’s like she got gold coins every time she pretended to be someone else on screen!

Clare Wren Future Plains

Clare Wren has had a lot of fun being an actress and playing in movies. Now, she’s thinking about what new adventures she might want to try next. She’ll write stories about her favorite animals. Or she’ll paint beautiful pictures that everyone can see.

She’ll teach others how to act or play the guitar like her. Clare has many dreams and anticipates where they will take her. She knows that every day is a chance to try something new and wonderful. Who knows? One day, you’ll see her name on a book or hear her music!

Clare Wren Social Media Presence

Clare Wren likes to keep her life private. So, she’s not very active on social media, like Instagram or Twitter. But sometimes, she might share a cool picture or a fun story. It’s like when you draw a pretty picture and show it to your friends and family, but Clare might do this only once in a while.

If she does post, it might be something special about animals. Or, about a beautiful place she visited. Or, even a painting she made on a sunny weekend. So, if Clare shares something, it’s like getting a peek into her treasure box of fun moments!


  • Clare loves animals and thinks they’re very cute.
  • She enjoys playing the guitar, even for her animal friends.
  • Chocolate ice cream is her favorite treat.
  • On sunny weekends, Clare likes to paint pictures.
  • She once met a famous singer and was super excited to get their autograph.
  • Watching space adventure movies is fun for Clare; she might dream of visiting the stars.
  • She enjoys hiking with friends in the mountains.
  • She loves breathing the fresh air and being with nature.

Favorite Thing

  • Clare loves lots of cool stuff!
  • She has a big love for all animals. She thinks they’re super cute.
  • Playing the guitar is something she’s good at. She plays songs for her animal friends!
  • Chocolate ice cream is her top pick for a sweet treat. Yum!
  • Painting pictures is fun for Clare, especially on sunny weekends.
  • She once met a famous singer and got their autograph. That’s awesome!
  • Space adventure movies are her favorite to watch. She dreams of flying to the stars.
  • Hiking in the mountains with her friends makes her happy. Fresh air and nature are the best!

Interesting Facts About Clare

  • Clare loves animals a lot!
  • She can play the guitar.
  • Clare has a favorite ice cream flavor, it’s chocolate!
  • She enjoys painting pictures on weekends.
  • Clare once met a famous singer and got an autograph.
  • Her best movie to watch is about space adventures.
  • Clare likes to go hiking in the mountains with friends.


What did Clare Wren do?

She was an actress who played in movies and on TV.

What’s her famous role?

She became famous for portraying Rachel Dunne in “The Young Riders.

” Did she act in anything else?

Yes, Clare acted in other movies and showed up on TV shows like “ER” and “Law & Order.”

How long did she act?

She acted for almost 20 years.

Is Clare still acting?

No, she stopped acting in 2005.

What does she like to do?

It’s like everyone, Clare has things she enjoys too!


In the end, we’ve learned a lot about Clare Wren. She’s an actress who played in movies and TV shows. Clare was good at acting and became famous for playing Rachel Dunne in The Young Riders. She worked in acting for almost 20 years and did a great job.

She also showed up in some very popular TV shows. Now, we know about her work, who she is, and some fun things she likes. Clare Wren’s story shows us that working hard at what you love can lead to great things. Isn’t that cool?


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