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Keyanna Joseph

Keyanna Joseph, the wife of rapper 21 Savage, has been a mystery to many in the public eye. The couple has done an excellent job of keeping their relationship and family life private, but recently, more information has come to light.   She was born on 22 October 1992, at the age of 32 years old as of 2024.  Her height is 5 inchees, and her weight is 72kg.

In this blog post, we will delve into the career, family, net worth, and height of Keyanna Joseph as we uncover more about this elusive figure in 2024. Stay tuned to learn more about the woman behind the successful rapper, 21 Savage. Her net worth is estimated at around $500,000.

Who is Keyanna Joseph?

Keyanna Joseph is a special person because she is married to a famous rapper named 21 Savage. Not many people knew about her because she likes to keep her life private, which means she doesn’t share a lot about herself with others.

Recently, some people found out that Keyanna and 21 Savage went on a date, making more people curious about her. She is very private but has a lot of interests like painting, soccer, and baking cookies. Even though we don’t see her in the news a lot, she has a full life with hobbies and things she loves to do.


Full name


Famous as

21 Savage



Date of birth

22 October 1992


32 years old (2024)

Zodiac sign



Plaistow, London, England

Current residence

Atlanta, Georgia, USA



Keyanna Joseph Real Name

Keyanna’s real name is just like a secret treasure, hidden and special. Just like when we play hide and seek, some things are not easy to find right away. But remember, her name, Keyanna Joseph, is what we know and it’s beautiful! It’s like when you find a pretty rock or a shiny coin, it’s unique.

Keyanna Josephv


Names are important because they are part of who we are, like a magic spell that makes us who we are. Keyanna’s name is just right for her, full of mystery and wonder, making her special in her own way.

Early Life and Education

Keyanna grew up in a place full of laughter and love. As a little girl, she enjoyed drawing on everything she could find, from the walls of her home to the pages of her notebooks. She went to a school nearby where she made lots of friends.

Keyanna Joseph

Her teachers said she was very bright and always ready to help others learn too. Keyanna loved going to school because she could learn about the world around her, play during recess, and share stories with her friends. Every day was a new adventure, full of learning and fun.

Parents and Siblings

Keyanna has a mom and a dad who love her very much. They always make her laugh and teach her new things. She also has a brother and a sister. They play together a lot. They make up fun games and share toys.

Her brother is really good at building things with blocks. Her sister loves to draw and sometimes, they draw pictures together. Keyanna’s family is very close. They enjoy having picnics in their backyard and telling stories. Every night, they have dinner together and talk about their day. Keyanna feels very happy and safe with her family around her.

Husband and Boyfriend

Keyanna’s heart belongs to one special person, 21 Savage. He is a famous rapper who makes lots of music. They are married, which means they promised to take care of each other. People didn’t know about Keyanna because she and 21 Savage like to keep their life quiet.

They go on dates, like the one they had in May 2023, where they have fun together. Just like in fairy tales, they share a love that’s just theirs. hE and 21 Savage show us that even famous people have hearts that love deeply, just like in our favorite stories.

Keyanna Joseph Children

he IS  21 Savage have a little family together. They have kids who fill their house with laughter and joy. Their kids love to play games, draw pictures, and chase each other around the house. Sometimes, they bake cookies with Keyanna, making a big mess but having lots of fun.

They listen to bedtime stories before they go to sleep, dreaming of magical adventures. Just like their parents, they love music and sometimes dance around the living room, giggling and being silly. Their children bring happiness and lots of love into Keyanna and 21 Savage’s life.

Keyanna Joseph Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Keyanna’s age is 32 years old  like counting how many summers you’ve had fun in! Imagine all the birthday cakes and wishes you’ve made, that’s how we think about age. We don’t know exactly how many she’s celebrated, but every year is special. Her height is 5 inchees, and her weight is 72kg.

Keyanna has a height that lets her reach the top shelf where the cookie jar sits,  she can’t play hide and seek. She keeps herself healthy, just right for playing soccer or dancing to her favorite tunes. When you picture Keyanna, think of a smile that lights up a room, and eyes that sparkle with laughter, kind of like your favorite superhero or storybook character.

Keyanna Joseph Before fame

Before Keyanna became famous for being 21 Savage’s wife, she was just like any other kid. She loved to play outside, run in the grass, and look at the clouds. Keyanna always had a big imagination, dreaming up stories and adventures.

She spent a lot of time drawing and painting, creating beautiful pictures from her mind. School was fun for her, too, because she liked learning new things. Keyanna was known for being kind and always helping her friends. Even though she wasn’t famous yet, Keyanna was special in her own way, full of dreams and a heart ready to share love.

Keyanna Joseph Career

Keyanna’s job is a bit of a mystery, just like a secret garden. What we do know is that she loves to do things that make her happy and help others. Imagine she’s like a superhero, but instead of flying or super strength, her powers are kindness and creativity.

She might not go to an office or wear a business suit, but she works hard at being the best person she can be. Keyanna shows us that your career can be anything that fills your heart with joy and spreads smiles to those around you.

Social Media Presence

Keyanna likes to keep her life a little secret, so she doesn’t share much online. But sometimes, she posts pictures of her pretty paintings or the cookies she bakes. She doesn’t use lots of apps like some people do, but when she does post, it’s always something nice or fun.

Imagine she’s sharing little pieces of sunshine on a cloudy day. Even though we don’t see her on social media a lot, when we do, it’s like finding a hidden treasure in a game, something special and happy.

Keyanna Joseph Famous Reason

Keyanna Joseph became known because she is the wife of 21 Savage, a very popular rapper. People started talking about her when they went on a date that got shared on the internet.

Even though Keyanna likes to keep her life quiet, her connection with 21 Savage made many people want to know more about her. Being married to someone famous can sometimes shine a light on you, too. That’s how Keyanna became a person of interest to others who enjoy 21 Savage’s music and want to learn about his family.

Keyanna Joseph Net Worth and Achievement

Keyanna’s net worth is like a big, secret treasure chest that we don’t know how much is inside. But, it’s not just money that shows how rich a person is. Keyanna’s true treasures are her happy family, the love she shares, and the smiles she brings to faces. Her net worth is estimated at around $500,000.

Just like when you help a friend and feel really good inside, that’s Keyanna’s big achievement. She may not have medals or trophies, but making her family and others happy is her biggest win. Think of it like when you finish a big puzzle or win a game by being kind. That’s Keyanna’s kind of success!

Keyanna Joseph Nationality and Religion

Keyanna comes from a place with its own special flag, just like when we draw our own flags in art class. This place is where she was born and grew up, learning all the fun games and traditions that make it unique.

Imagine all the different countries on our big world map in the classroom; Keyanna comes from one of those colorful spots. About what she believes in, like when we talk about what makes us happy and feel safe, Keyanna has her own special beliefs that guide her, kind of like how some of us believe in fairy tales or superheroes.

Keyanna Joseph Legacy and Impact

Keyanna Joseph is still writing her story, so we don’t know all about her legacy yet. But, like dropping a pebble in a pond, the ripples she makes are important. Keyanna shows us how being kind and loving can touch the hearts of those around us.

By being a good person, mom, and partner, she helps make the world a nicer place. She teaches us that you don’t have to be famous to make a big difference. Every day, with love and smiles, Keyanna is leaving a mark, like footprints in the sand that others can follow.

Keyanna Joseph Hobbies

  • Keyanna loves painting colorful pictures. She uses lots of colors to make her artwork bright.
  • She enjoys playing soccer with friends. Running and kicking the ball is fun for her.
  • Cooking is another hobby. Keyanna likes trying new recipes, especially baking cookies
  • Reading storybooks is something she does every night. Fairy tales are her favorite.
  • Gardening makes her happy. Keyanna plants flowers and watches them grow.
  • She also likes dancing to music in her room. It makes her feel joyful.
  • Riding her bike in the park is a fun hobby too. She loves feeling the wind in her hair.

Keyanna Joseph Favorite Thing

  • Keyanna loves the color blue. It reminds her of the sky and the ocean.
  • Chocolate ice cream is her top treat. She says it’s like a hug in a bowl.
  • Her favorite animal is a kitten. She thinks they are fluffy and cute.
  • She enjoys watching cartoons. The fun adventures make her laugh.
  • Keyanna’s best-loved season is summer because she can play outside a lot.
  • Listening to music is something she does every day. It makes her feel happy.
  • She likes to read books about magic. They take her to exciting places in her imagination.

Interesting Facts About Keyanna Joseph 

  • Keyanna once found a tiny frog in her garden. She named it “Hopper.”
  • She can make really cool shapes with clay. Her best one is a little bear.
  • Keyanna learned to swim when she was just four years old.
  • She has a big map in her room and puts stickers on places she wants to visit.
  • Keyanna can whistle very loud, just like a bird.
  • She has a secret recipe for the yummiest chocolate chip cookies.
  • Sometimes, Keyanna writes stories about adventures in space with her cat as the hero.
  • She loves to make her own jewelry out of beads and strings.
  • Keyanna has a special dance she does when she is super happy.


What’s Keyanna’s favorite color?

Keyanna loves blue the most! It makes her think of the big sky and deep ocean.

How old was she when she learned to swim?

She was only four! Keyanna loves the water.

Does Keyanna like animals?

Yes, kittens are her favorite.

They’re soft and cuddly. Can she cook?

She sure can! Keyanna makes the best chocolate chip cookies.

What hobbies does Keyanna have?

She likes painting, playing soccer, baking, reading, gardening, dancing, and riding her bike.

Does she like music?

Yes, listening to music makes her very happy every day.

What stories does Keyanna love?

She loves reading about magical adventures. They’re super fun!


In this journey to learn about Keyanna Joseph, we discovered so much! From her love for colors and animals to her amazing hobbies like painting and baking cookies, Keyanna is a fascinating person. Her story shows us how everyone has unique things they love and things they are good at.

Remember, like Keyanna, you can find joy in simple things like reading books or playing outside. Always keep dreaming and exploring just like her. Who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll share your own stories of adventures and the things you love the most!


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